Trustee Ministry

The Trustees are responsibility of representing the church in a legal capacity, as directed by the Church Conference. Trustees shall hold in trust the titles for all church properties; maintain a listing of all church property including quality, description, condition and cost; execute all church negotiations and related contract procedures as authorized by the church by affixing their signatures to such documents; oversee the work of the Custodian, the Kitchen Supervisor, Lawn Care Specialist, and all other positions employed in the care and maintenance of the building and grounds. 

 Brother John Murphy  Chairman
 Deacon Arthur Smith, Sr.  Vice-Chairman
 Brother Quinnton Finn  Secretary
 Deacon Alfred Williams  Treasurer
 Deacon Herbert Williams  Custodians 
 Brother Hanna Barkley  
 Deacon Eugene Conner  
 Deacon Jerome Simpson, Sr.  
 Deacon Arthur Smith, Sr.   
 Brother Harold Stewart  
 Deacon Stephan Thompson  
Brother Gerald Calhoun Sr.  
 Deacon Gerald Calhoun,Jr  
Brother  Charles J. Everett  
Brother Will Clark  
Brother Nathaniel Jefferson  
Brother Robert Linton Sr.  
Brother BS Hann  
Deacon Joe Nathan Lawson