A Deaconess shall be the wife of an active Deacon or the widow of a deceased Deacon. She shall accept the responsibilities of Deaconess and shall be the female assistant to the Deacons. A Mother is a woman who demonstrates an interest in the welfare of the church and works to help make home, church and community life better for all. They attend meetings, pray, and contribute to the cause.


  1. Assist the Deacons in the preparation for communion.
  2. Assume responsibility for the provision and care of communion supplies.
  3. Attend and assist with baptism as directed by the Pastor.
  4. Minister to the sick in the church and community.
 Deaconess Almeda Simpson  Chairwoman
 Deaconess Elizabeth Elzy  Vice Chairwoman
 Deaconess Gladys Davis  Secretary
 Deaconess Earlene Williams  Assistant Secretary
 Deaconess Della Cromartie  Treasurer
 Deaconess Josephine Mullins  Assistant Chaplain
 Deaconess Odessa Calhoun  
 Deaconess Charity Conner  
 Deaconess Virginia Glenn  
 RDeaconess ose Graham  
 Deaconess Alice Pugh  
 Mother Savannah Hill  
 Deaconess Carolyn Henry  
 Evangelist Cassandra Lawson  
 Deaconess Drucilla Peterson