Vision Statement
Empowered by Christ to Transform the Community
Mission Statement
To be Christ’s disciples in spreading the Gospel of Jesus, loving our neighbors, and advocating justice; as we share Christ with one another.
To Worship God as He has revealed Himself in the Bible in Spirit and in truth;
To Prepare Christians for Kingdom service at home and abroad by developing within them a Christian worldview and practical Christian disciples as a way of life.
To Proclaim the “good news” of life in Christ to all the world;
To apply the Bible as God’s transforming Word in order that sanctifies believers;
Biblical Education:
To Teach the Bible as God’s transforming Word and its precepts and principles as the
answer to every problem mankind faces;
To be faithful stewards of all that God entrusts to His people;
To give voice and strengthen to those who are marginalized through appropriate ministries and activities;
Mission & Compassion:
To Demonstrate God’s love through benevolent ministries.